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Those of you who have visited Milos island before will know first-hand what it means to be on holiday on this beautiful Cycladic island. For those of you visiting Milos for the first time, brace yourselves for a wonderful summer of discovery:
Born from a volcanic eruption, Milos has numerous magical beaches and incredibly coloured rock strata. Iced with a toping of Aegean, Milos is every bit as beautiful as its statue of Venus displayed in the Louvre. Picture-postcard pretty traditional villages, totally stunning white churches, delicious local flavors and people so welcoming you are sure to experience the famous Greek hospitality first-hand. Your holidays in Milos island are certain to be filled with beautiful images, delicious flavors and beguiling scents.
Are you and your significant other seeking romance and seclusion? Are you holidaying with your family and looking for accessible beaches where you can enjoy the sea with your children? Are you and your friends looking for the most upbeat beach bar? Whatever your preference, your holidays on Milos Island and particularly on Paliochori beach are sure to offer just what you are looking for: moments of absolute summer perfection and fun

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Palaiochori is a small seaside village located in the southern part of Milos Island, looking out the beautiful blue of the Cretan Pelagos. Apart from the charming Artemis Deluxe Rooms, the luxurious pool bar and our super beach bar, Paliochori is mainly comprised of rooms to let, bars by the sea and restaurants with traditional Greek cuisine and fresh seafood.

Mainly though, Paliochori is associated with a popular beach of extraordinary beauty and calm waters. Spanning a total length of 2kms, it is actually made up of three smaller beaches, one next to the other. The first and largest is for the most part organized, followed by a smaller one in the middle and finally, surrounded by rocks, the third and smallest of the lot/group.

The impressive red, pink, yellow and gray-white of the rocks hugging Paliochori bay is product of volcanic eruption and the area’s rich geological wealth, putting together the most incredible image. Colourful pebbles, thick sand and deep crystal clear waters are what await you at the beach, the magic of which is completed by hot springs, spewing out right next to you.

Milos island is truly unique and Paliochori is definitely one of the most worthwhile places to visit!

8kms from Adamas, following the asphalt road after Zefiria, you can easily get to Paliochori by car, motorbike or public transport

Milos island is truly unique and Paliochori is definitely one of the most worthwhile places to visit!

The unique landscape and beautiful beaches of Milos Island have been shaped over thousands of years by the island’s volcanic nature in combination with the wind and waves of the Aegean. The island has, perhaps, the most varied landscape of the Cycladic islands. There are more than 75 beaches to visit, all with crystal clear waters, some sandy, others with small pearl-shaped pebbles, some officially organised with seasonal beach bars, others more secluded but all with uniquely coloured rocks surrounding them. For those who love water sports it is the perfect opportunity to get in some practice. While for more hedonistic pleasures, visits to traditional taverns for a lovely summer lunch next to the breaking waves is guarantee enjoyment. And what’s more… the beaches on Milos Island have an additional advantage. Scattered in every direction whichever way the wind blows there will always be some where you can enjoy a swim!

The list of memorable places to visit is long, but apart from beautiful Palaiochori you should definitely try to fit in a visit to Papikinou, Provatas, Firiplaka, Tsigrado, Agia Kiriaki, Gerondas, Agios Konstantinos, Alogomandra and Papafragas!

It’s most definitely worth trying as many of the local delicacies of Milos Island as you possibly can. You might even want to take some home with you to keep the holiday feeling alive. Apart from the exceptional flavors you’ll sample at our pool bar in Palaiochori, be sure to try the many local delicacies and, of course, fresh fish, in one of the picturesque taverns in Pollonia or the rest of the island. We will be happy to provide you with any information you may need or even make you a reservation, so that you can enjoy a lovely meal next to the breaking waves!

You should definitely try the delicious “pitarakia” filled with pepper, dry cheese or mizithra and spearmint, the traditional “karpouzopita”, a sweet watermelon pie and the sweet “koufeto”, made of sweet pumpkin crumb with honey and almonds.

You can also purchase jars with “koufeto”, a variety of cheese such as xerotiri, xinomizithra and touloumotiri, thyme honey, tomato pellet made from local tomatoes and caper, as well as rustic dry bread made of barley and wheat. Enjoy these delicacies during your stay or take them home with you!

When talking about the sights of Milos Island, it is easy to claim the whole island and its unique landscape is one unending attraction in itself. Fascinating beaches, different coloured rocks and mountains as well as picturesque villages with delicious local delicacies are some of the many things that make up the island’s appeal.

  • At Sarakiniko you’ll find a beautiful moon-like landscape carved out of chalk rocks.
  • At Clima and other seaside villages you’ll view the picturesque traditional boat houses and “lines”.

There are also many interesting monuments which reveal the vivid cultural heritage of this beautiful Cycladic Island which dates back to antiquity. The most famous of these artefacts can be admired by the global community at the Louvre, Paris. You can however, visit the ancient city (along with the ancient theatre) where the Venus de Milo was found.
Highlights which shouldn’t be missed include:

  • The Christian catacombs: impressive and the only ones in Greece
  • The 13th century Venetian castle, built on the hill of Profitis Ilias, where you can enjoy the unforgettable sunset.
  • The sulphur mines: especially interesting and impressive are these inactive sulphur mines where you can enter the tunnels and see all the mining machinery including the wagons as well as marvelling at the incredibly coloured rocks; and all this is next to an amazing beach.

For more information on the exceptional museums of Milos visit our website under the listing “Museums”

Containing many interesting exhibits and impressive collections, the five museums on Milos Island attract thousands of visitors every summer. It is worthwhile sacrificing a swim or two to view the exceptional cultural heritage of Milos.

1. The Archaeological Museum of Plaka.

Here you can admire specimens representing the island’s history. The pre-historic collection from Filacoti includes painted pots and sculptures including the famous “Lady of Filacoti”. You can also find a rich selection of artifacts from the ancient city of Clima, featuring sculptures of the Grecian and Roman periods as well as a selection of inscriptions. The exhibits are housed in one of the famous neoclassical buildings designed by Schiller.

2. The Folk Museum of Plaka.
Housed in a building situated behind the church of “Panagia Corfiatisa” this is the place to get acquainted with the island’s tradition and the uniqueness of the Milean household. The Folk Museum of Plaka features a recreation of a typical urban household covering the period from Greek Independence in 1821 up to the mid 20th century.

3. The Metallurgic Museum of Adamas.
An exceptional presentation of the geologic peculiarity of Milos Island along with its history in metal-works shown through an exhibition of artefacts, accompanied by audiovisual material.

Only a few metres from the centre of Adamas, in the church of the Holy Trinity, you can view the church’s rare architecture as well as the island’s rich religious tradition. Here centuries old paintings are featured, paintings from the Cretan school of art as well as works of art by famous painters, precious gold inscriptions, screens and beautifully ornate church temples.

5. The Naval Museum
The island’s Naval Museum is located a short distance from the port of Adamas and is housed in what used to be the old communal centre of Milos. Here you can see the island’s nautical history through exhibits dating from the pre-historic era, made with obsidian tools, to the naval battle of Salamina and even the modern times.

Malia has 2 sides that are separated by the main national road. The area towards the beaches of Malia is filled with restaurants, shops, bars and clubs and it has an active nightlife during the summer period. On the other side is the small old town of Malia with quant, friendly family restaurants, bars and narrow colourful streets.

Milos has been declared a sacred island by the Holy Synod mainly due to the Old-Christian/Early Christian Catacombs on the island. Apart from this unique, in the whole of Greece, finding, Milos is home to over 140 churches and chapels. During your visit don’t forget to ask us about the traditional “panigiria” (celebrations of the saint each church is dedicated to) hosted at various picturesque chapels on the island. The combination of the minimal architecture, famous in the Aegean, with important artifacts and religious paintings, as well as the locals’ warm hospitality, is truly magical.

Some of the many wonderful religious sights worth visiting are:
Pollonia: The church of Agia Paraskevi
Plaka: Panagia Corfiatissa, the Catholic church of  Virgin Mary of the Roses, the church of the Hypapante of Christ, the church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary
Adamas: The Dormition of the Virgin Mary or Aghios Charalambos, the Holy Trinity, St. Nicolas
Tripiti: The church of St. Nicolas
Clima: The church of Profitis Ilias of Clima
Climatovouni: Panagia Tourliani
Zefiria: Panagia Portiani and St. Charalambos
Halakas: Agia Marina and Agios Ioannis Theologos or Siderianos
Kipos: The church of Panagia of Kipos

Discover hidden treasures in Milos’ narrow alleys and enjoy memorable shopping sprees surrounded by the many tasteful Cycladic shops in Pollonia, Plaka, Adamas and other spots throughout the island. Here you’ll find handmade jewellery, lovely silk cotton outfits, bags, scarves, hats, all made with care and each one unique. You will also find beautiful lampshades, artistic creations made from ceramics or glass and of course excellent gifts and souvenirs to remind you of the lovely times you spent on Milos Island.

It is said that Milos Island is ideal for couples in love. This isn’t the whole story since the happy faces of friends enjoying their drinks in the beach bars say otherwise! Whether you prefer a romantic drink or a more intense night out, Milos will not disappoint you. We wish you unforgettable nights out but remember to keep some energy for exploring the island’s many beautiful beaches during the days!

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