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Great location in front of its unique beach and the endless blue background

Milos has an airport and a port.

By air, Milos is connected to Athens and the airport "El. Venizelos" daily. The flight lasts
30 minutes and the airport is 7 km from Paliochori.

By ferry, the port of Adamantas is connected to the port of Piraeus, by speedboats
(trip lasts 3 - 4 hours) and conventional ships (trip lasts 7.30 - 8 hours).
The distance between Paliochori and the port of Adamas is 10 km.

Milos is also connected to other islands of the Cyclades as well as to Crete by ferry.
The frequency of the routes increases in the summer. Especially, with the neighbour
Kimolos the connection is daily, lasts 30 minutes and is carried out by ferry boat which
starts from the port in Pollonia.

For more information you can contact:

"El. Venizelos" Airport: +30210 35 00 000

Piraeus Port Authority: +30 14944 & +30 14541

Milos Port Authority: +3022870 23360