root milos Artemis Seaside Resort Live an ultimate
culinary experience!

Root restaurant Milos island

Seal unforgettable memories at Root Restaurant through a unique gastronomic journey in Greek and Mediterranean flavors next to the sea and under the starlight.

In our restaurant you will meet modern versions of traditional Greek dishes and their marriage with the excellent quality local cheese selection of Milos. In the menu you will also find vegan and vegetarian options, special desserts, signature cocktails based on Greek products such as Chios mastic, ouzo, as well as excellent wines of Greek vineyards.

Tips: Don’t miss to enjoy our portokalopita (orange pie)!


Dishes cooked with the slightest interference using

excellent quality products and raw materials

Artemis Seaside Resort


Atmospheric nights at Root Restaurant!

Under the starlight and the music of the sea waves,
we have created a special luxury place where you can enjoy
tasty dishes cooked with love, traditional sweets in new versions
and cocktails that take your dinner to the next level.

Opening hours daily

7:00 p.m - 11:30 p.m.

Artemis Seaside Resort

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Artemis Seaside Resort