Sea sports

Over 75 beautiful beaches, stunning seabed and incredible volcanic terrain: Milos has a, beyond fantasy, natural landscape and water sports are the ideal reason to discover it.

Swimming on so many idyllic and different beaches

• As beautiful as the beaches of Milos are, so beautiful is their seabed. We can arrange wonderful diving days for you. Explore the bottom of Milos and experience unique moments by diving with our experienced partners. For those of you who wish to explore the magic of the seabed of Milos, we organize diving days, specially adapted to your capabilities and desires. Our team of experienced partners will take care to guide you on the diving trip that suits you and will give you indelible images of the underwater Milian wealth

Sailing to enjoy the sun, the crystal clear waters and the unique coves of Milos

Fishing to calm down and get in touch with marine fauna. Especially for those who use speargun, the seabed of Milos is considered ideal, as in addition to being enchanting it is a rich fishing ground

• Ideal for sailing, diving and fishing is the triangle Milos - Kimolos- Polyaigos, a natural water park with countless caves and one of the most remarkable fishing spots in the Cyclades.

Jet ski and pedal boats on the most organized beaches

Canoe - kayak for sea wanderings on volcanic islands and traditional settlements

Windsurfing and kite-surfing for lovers of action and adrenaline


Deluxe experiences



Wonderful Holidays!


Traditional villages, picturesque like paintings, whitewashed churches, wonderful local flavors and a warm world that will welcome you with the genuine Greek mood for hospitality. So, your vacation in Milos will be full of beautiful images, tastes and smells.