The tradition of the island has various aspects that one can discover. Apart from the tradition of Milos, which holds an important place in the general history of Greece, there are many museums, which impress the visitor. The most important of these are:

Adamas War Museum, be known through the exhibition of photos and memoirs of the First and Second World War in Milos

Mining Museum, which exhibits various types of metals and other important findings found on Milos

Sand Museum, created by geologist Asteris Paplomatas and contains works of art, all made of sand of different colors. The visitor has the opportunity to study the sand with a microscope and take some of this magic with them by purchasing sand from all around the world.

Folklore and History Museum, the entire folklore exhibition is presented in a house

Archaeological Museum of Milos, with an exhibition of many finds from ancient times

Ecclesiastical Museum, to discover the whole religious, artistic tradition of Milos, which is a heritage for the island

Naval Museum, to get to know the naval history of the island, through exhibits that start from the prehistoric era with obsidian tools, proceed to the naval battle of Salamis and end in recent years