The island of Aphrodite!


Paleochori is a small coastal settlement overlooking the deep blue Aegean Sea. In addition to the unique Artemis Deluxe Rooms, the luxurious pool bar and cheerful beach bar, has a seaside bar and restaurants with Greek cuisine and fresh seafood.

Above all, however, Paleochori means a very popular beach of stunning beauty, with a total area of ​​about 2km. The impressive rocks with the red, pink, yellow and white-gray color, result of the volcanic energy and the geological vitality of the area create a unique image. Colorful pebbles, coarse sand and cool crystal clear deep waters will accompany your days on the beach, while the amazing natural scenery is complemented by the warm waters that gush on the beach.

Milos is special and Paleochori is one of the most characteristic and favorite places of this beautiful place.

8km from Adamas, following the main asphalt road after Zefyria you can easily reach the settlement of Paliochori by car or bus.





This is probably the Cycladic island with the largest morphological variety on the beaches.

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Sights Milos

Speaking of attractions in Milos, we can easily say that the whole island with

unique relief is in itself an attraction

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With many interesting exhibits and impressive collections, the 5 museums of Milos

are an attraction for thousands of visitors every summer.

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It has over 140 churches and chapels.

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There are many delicacies produced by this beautiful place and it is worth tasting them all

and take it back together to keep the feeling alive for a long time

of holidays in Milos.

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Discover small treasures in the alleys of Milos

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They say that Milos is the ideal island for couples in love ...

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