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beach barin Milos

Beach bar

Summer without a beach bar is not possible and at Artemis Deluxe Rooms the most cheerful and elegant, one of the best seaside spots of the island, awaits you.

Sunbeds by the sea, wicker umbrellas, lounge seats and of course summer music. Fine varieties of espresso create amazing freddo and the delicious summer fruits become the most refreshing juices. As noon approaches, delicious salads and light snacks are served under the cool shadows created by the umbrellas. At the heart of the ultimate fun, our award-winning barista prepares incredible cocktails, using exclusively fresh fruit! Here you will enjoy your favorite mojito, daiquiri and caipirinha in their most luxurious versions.

So, protect yourself with sunscreen, enjoy your moments at the beach bar and indulge in the aromas of nature and the flavors of the adored cocktails.